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About Us

A Message from OCRS President Tom Cooney
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     Welcome visitors new and old to our website. We hope you find our site informative and enjoyable. We also hope it may inspire you to grow roses and attend our monthly meetings. The OCRS presents speakers on many topics focusing on rose care and how to enjoy the beauty of the rose in your garden and home.  We have many knowledgeable rosarians among our members, many of whom are certified Consulting Rosarians and Master Rosarians that are always willing to share their knowledge.  It would be our pleasure to have you join us.

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     About Tom Cooney: Tom joined the OCRS in the late 1980's to learn more about caring for the roses he and his wife Miriam were growing at their home in Fountain Valley CA. Tom is now serving his eighth term as president of OCRS and is Rose Show Chair for OCRS’s annual rose show. He has held every office at OCRS except Treasurer. Tom is a Master Rosarian, Horticulture Judge and Rose Educator. He is also the current Chair of the Consulting Rosarian Program for the Pacific Southwest District of the American Rose Society. He and Miriam grow over 350 roses of all types in their garden in Aliso Viejo.

2022 - 2023 OCRS Governing Board

President - Tom Cooney
First VP Programs - Kathy Monge
Second VP Membership - Open
Recording Secretary - Janet Gyerman
Newsletter Editor - Carolyn Elgar
Treasurer - Jerry Aspland
Board Member - Justin Ekuan
Board Member - Jerry Aspland

Board Member - Felix Macaluso
Ways and Means Chair - Debbie Been
Hospitality - Jennifer McInteer
Rose Show Properties - Jerry Aspland

Meeting Rose Show - Kathy Monge

Official Greeter - Kathy Hansgen
Publicity - Open - Volunteer needed!
Webmaster - Dorothy Birsic

Consulting Rosarians

     OCRS Consulting Rosarians have been certified by the American Rose Society after attending educational seminars, passing a qualifying examination and maintaining their certification through continuing education.  Master Rosarians have served as Consulting Rosarians for at least 10 years.  Our consulting rosarians are available to provide a one-time complimentary visit to your garden to help identify and diagnose problems with your roses or provide advice on growing great roses!  To request a visit from a consulting rosarian, please use the form on the website's contact page and be sure to include the name of the city in which you live.

OCRS Consulting Rosarians
* Master Rosarian

Sergio Aguilar
Dorothy Birsic
Gary Bulman
Marilyn Carne-Smith
Linda Clark
Tom Cooney *

Justin Ekuan
Carolyn Elgar *
Janis Forster
Chris Greenwood *

Leah Greenwood
Janet Gyerman
Ken Huff
Kathy Monge *
Eydie Osaki
Linda Renner
Akiko Strathmann
Connie Wilkie (emeritus)
Jim Williamson
Donate Today!

     The OCRS is a verified non-profit organization with a silver seal of transparency from  We appreciate all donations.    To make a donation, go to  or click on the image on the right.  

Roses pictured on this page: Distant Drums (Shrub, top) and Daybreaker (Floribunda, bottom).  All photos by Dorothy Birsic
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